Finding meditation has led to some of the most dramatic advances in my career and has allowed me to manage stress and keep a clear focus in a whole new way.
— Evan, Sales Account Executive, San Francisco

Prior to finding meditation practice, I was in a lot of emotional pain. I had really good friends, family, descent job, but none of that seemed to fulfill the very deep nagging spiritual pain I was experiencing. Life felt very empty. Meditation was the answer to my soul searching. After practicing for just a little while, it lifted the pain as if it was never there and helped me find the inner peace, joy and new sense of purpose. As an added bonus, I connected with the community of like-minded people. Today my life is filled with love, happiness and inspiration. In meditation I found my home.
— Marina, SF Bay Area

I came from LA to SF to form a band/electronic music project, soon after I arrived, I came to one of Awakened Minds free classes. It was what I actually came to SF for :) Meditation and focus on basic practices helped me work on things that would help me to better handle music, art, and general career basics that were missing. Now I’m capable of much more :).
— Courtney, Music Artist, San Francisco

Meditation brightens my day every morning, and gives me perspective when I’m facing challenges. It even helps me with my job! The clarity of mind I get is my secret sauce for computer sciences.
— Jack, IT Professional

Meditation calms my mind allowing me to make decisions from a balanced place. This helps in all aspects of my life from solving complex business problems to choosing which waves to surf.
— Kelly, VP of Engineering, San Francisco

Learning meditation here changed my life. It has brought power, compassion, and wonder into all of my pursuits, from martial arts to running a successful technology company.
— Parvati, IT Executive, SF Bay Area

Meditation has allowed me to greatly improve my skills in the water by helping me to be more present, clear minded and in the moment when I’m surfing. It helps to still my mind in a way that allows me to focus on whats important now.
— Kyle, Avid Surfer

I have attended several Awakened Mind classes and enjoyed meditating and learning about mindfulness. The teacher was welcoming, sincere and knowledgeable about the subject. I am very inspired to practice mindfulness daily since it has brought so much more beauty into my life. Thank you!
— Barbara, University Professor

Meeting my meditation teacher from The Awakened Mind was a turning point in my life. As a mother of 4, I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and often had doubts about my parenting and my life. Meditation helped me to calm down, prioritize, handle complex schedules, and bring much more patience and happiness to the family unit. I also started working again, which I didn’t think was possible. Thank you again!
— Klara, Mother of 4 & Software Sales

My heart is filled with joy and passion when I pick up my brush to put a new inspiration on a fresh canvas. I never thought I had an artistic side until I started meditating and was introduced to the power of creation through stilling my mind.
When I’m painting I’m meditating and for this deep transformation, I’m endlessly grateful to my teacher.
— Blanka, Artist & IT Professional

I was looking for the spirit of Buddhism in books and taking a meditation class here and there, but finding only occasional stillness and no integrated understanding of anything deeper. The Awakened Mind’s meditation classes have taken what at first seem like complex traditional Buddhist teachings and distilled them in a way that makes the pathway to Enlightenment easy for me to understand yet profound, actionable and, day by day, week after week, wonderfully life changing.
— Julian, Spiritual Seeker & former Spiritual Hobbyist